Den of Nargun (canvas)


Recent rains in Gippsland provided enough water flow at the Den of Nargun to create this beautiful waterfall. Please NOTE: cropping at top/bottom will occur when choosing a panoramic style canvas. The canvas print is carefully bubble-wrapped and boxed before being sent out to you. Shipping and handling is included in the price. Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery time depending on postal service. Not all sizes are available with a floating frame. In-situ images are for display purposes only and are not sized to your selection. Please refer to the size guide to compare the different options.


This stunning image of the Den of Nargun is turned into a beautiful (panoramic) canvas print. The Den of Nargun is situated on Woolshed Creek, in the Mitchell River National Park, East Gippsland area. A ‘Nargun’, according to Gunai Kurnai tribal legends, a fierce half-human half-stone creature that lived in the Den of Nargun, a cave under a rock overhang behind a small waterfall. Aboriginal legend describes the Nargun as a beast entirely made of stone except for its hands, arms and breast. The fierce creature would drag unwary travellers into its den. Any weapon directed against it would be turned back to its owner. The Den of Nargun was considered a special place for women of the Gunai tribe, and in reality was used for women’s initiation and learning ceremonies rather than being the lair of any predator. With recent consistent periods of rain in the Gippsland area, the waterfall, often dry or just trickling, was running freely and provided a beautiful scene for a stunning image. Definitely a great place to visit, especially after large rainfall. Please NOTE: some cropping on the top and/or bottom will occur when choosing a ‘Panoramic’ style canvas print.

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